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Why Kids’ Dental Appointments are Important for Dental Health: Developing Good Habits that Last a Lifetime


Regular dental appointments can yield your child oral health dividends that last a lifetime. That first dental visit can be critical for their future development of good oral hygiene habits.

Most dentists recommend that children have their first dental appointment by age one, or just after their first tooth develops. This allows the dentist an opportunity to make sure that the teeth are developing normally. It also gives young patients an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the dentist.

This is an important first step on the road to proper dental care that will last your child a lifetime.

Regular Dental Check-Ups for Children

At age one, most children transition to the six-month checkup cycle. This allows your dentist to closely monitor the child’s dental development. This monitoring is critical in helping your child avoid cavities as well as treating other common dental problems as early as possible. A combination of early detection, and early treatment, can make a tremendous difference in your child’s oral health.

These regular checkups also help instill in your child the importance of proper brushing and flossing, and will help them develop a positive attitude towards dental care.

Early Intervention for Dental Problems

Regular dental visits also mean that your child may be recommended to an orthodontist at early age. Traditionally, dentists only refer children to orthodontists in their early teens, or after their adult teeth had come in.

However, beginning regular visits at a young age has allowed dentists to detect possible jaw alignment or other skeletal issues that affects proper tooth alignment in patients as young as seven. Early detection means earlier treatment, and an earlier start on a smile that will last a lifetime.

Ask Dr. Sibia for more information on why regular dental treatment is important for your child.

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