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Crowns and Crown Replacement in Roseville CA

Crowns and Crown Replacement in Roseville CA

Dental Crowns at Ace Dental in Roseville

When you have teeth that you are reluctant to show, such as cracked teeth or severely discolored teeth, crowns can improve your smile. While crowns are made to last for several years, you might need to have them replaced under certain circumstances. At Ace Dental, we offer dental crowns and crown replacement for patients in the Roseville area. Learn more about why you might need dental crowns and when these crowns might need to be replaced. Contact Ace Dental today!

Dental Crowns for a Beautiful Smile

Dental crowns are porcelain caps that are attached to your teeth in order to make them look healthier and restore function to them. When you have teeth that are worn or decayed, you might find it hard to eat and talk without discomfort. Crowns that are placed on these teeth allow you to speak and chew as you normally would. If you have teeth that are discolored or cracked, crowns improve their appearance, which provides you with a healthier smile that you will be proud to show. Dental crowns also protect damaged teeth from additional harm and reduce the risk of complications, such as tooth infections.

Dental Crown Replacement in Roseville

When do you need to have a crown replaced? If you go for routine dental exams and cleanings and take good care of your teeth at home with brushing and flossing, you might not ever have to replace your dental crowns. However, there are times when crowns do end up needing to be replaced due to problems that develop. Our dentist in Roseville will check for signs that you need crown replacement, such as cracked crowns or tooth decay under crowns. You might also need to have your crowns replaced if you have receding gums or gum infections. You will also need a crown replacement if you have a loose crown or one that has completely fallen off of your tooth.

What to Expect During Crown Replacement

If you need a crown replaced, our dentist will remove your current crown first. After this is done, our dentist will prepare the tooth for a replacement crown. This might involve filing it down to ensure a proper fit. If you have decay, our dentist might have to fill the tooth in before placing the crown replacement on. You might have a temporary crown until your permanent crown is ready. Once your permanent crown is ready, our dentist will place it securely on your tooth.

Visit Ace Dental in Roseville for Crowns and Crown Replacements

If you need dental crowns or crown replacement, please contact Ace Dental to make an appointment with our friendly team of professionals today! (916) 772-0111

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