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Intraoral Camera

What is an intraoral camera?

One of the latest tools used in dentistry is the intraoral camera, which is a handheld electronic device made to help the dentist see every surface of the mouth or “visualization”. At Ace Dental in Roseville, we use intraoral cameras to improve our services and ensure that dental problems are caught as early as possible, and so our patients are comfortable and happy with their treatments.

intraoral camera dentist in roseville

If you are wondering how intraoral cameras work and how they can help dentists, here are some facts that will give you some answers.

How Does the Intraoral Camera Work?

The intraoral camera is shaped like an electronic toothbrush with a narrow tip which is the camera lense. The device is made to fit the oral cavity comfortably. The cameras can come in various models with different features such as pixels, zoom, and clarity.

The electronic device is tapped to a monitoring system that can display and record the camera feed. Intraoral cameras are specifically made for the oral cavity only and cannot be used in other body parts. It also cannot be used deep in the throat.

Benefits of Using the Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are not just fancy new tools for dentists. They provide a number of benefits, such as:

  • More detailed visuals

An intraoral camera is connected to a monitor which displays the visuals detected by the device. The monitor makes it easier for dentists to see what’s inside the patient’s mouth, even in the smallest and most isolated locations.

  • Added comfort

A mouth mirror can be uncomfortable to both patient and dentist. If the area being examined is too deep in the mouth, the dentist may not be able to see the mirror clearly and this can give poor input to the dental professional. Likewise, a patient may feel uncomfortable if the mouth mirror is pushed too deep inside the mouth. This can trigger gag reflex and cause irritation or anxiety to the patient.

With an intraoral camera, probing and poking isn’t necessary anymore because the image can be seen on a monitor. The dentist just needs to scan the inside of the mouth using the camera to visualize the entire oral cavity. The camera also doesn’t need to be pushed too far back into the throat because it can be zoomed in and out.

  • Faster and more accurate treatment

Now that dentists can see the inside of your mouth more closely, it’s easier to pinpoint the area that needs to be treated. This allows dentists to work faster and more confidently. Using intraoral cameras also reduce the chances of erroneous or excessive trimming, drilling, or cutting which can damage healthy tooth material.

  • Interactive treatment sessions

Patients are able to see what is going on inside their mouth and can better understand the reason for the treatment being suggested by Dr. Sibia. This promotes helpful interaction between dentist and patient, allowing the dentist to explain what’s happening and why that specific procedure needs to be done.

  • Better patient-dentist relations

When dentist and patient are better able to discuss treatment processes, it gives them a chance to develop a bond. Patients may feel more comfortable around the dentist, which is especially ideal for young children. This will help patients overcome dental fear and anxiety.

  • Patient awareness

Patients will be concerned about their dental health when they see what’s actually happening in their mouths up close and personal. The sight of a single decayed tooth is enough to make a patient dental health-conscious.

Not only that, a patient also becomes aware about the wonders of dentistry through the lens of intraoral cameras. It’s amazing to see a fractured tooth restored to almost natural appearance through dental crowns or bonding. Seeing these restorations clearly can make patients appreciate dental care even more.

Is the Intraoral Camera Safe?

Yes! Intraoral cameras are made specifically for dental purposes and these devices are designed with patients’ comfort and safety in mind. It is highly unlikely for intraoral cameras to have any safety-related problems, unless it is used incorrectly. Therefore, only trained professionals should be allowed to handle these advanced tools.

Get Accurate and Safe Dental Exams at Ace Dental in Roseville

At Ace Dental in Roseville, we work with the latest and most advanced technologies available in the field of dentistry. We believe that keeping up with the times is one of the best ways to improve our dental practice. Dr. Karanvir Sibia, DDS, also strives to provide patients with the best and highest quality of care through continuing education, training sessions, and seminars which expand his knowledge and expertise.

If you are interested in getting a dental exam from Ace Dental, all you have to do is visit our office in Roseville, CA. We are open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm.

You can also send us your questions and appointment bookings through our online web form. If you have questions about our services, give us a call at (916) 772-0111 and our dental staff will be more than happy to answer your queries.


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