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roseville teeth whiteningProfessional Teeth Whitening in Roseville

Teeth whitening is a purely cosmetic dental procedure that improves the color of your teeth. The teeth have a natural film coating called the pellicle. Over time, the pellicle may accumulate stains from the food we eat as well as pollutants, such as cigarette smoke. Teeth whitening aims to remove the pellicle to restore the natural whiteness of teeth.


Why Do I Need Teeth Whitening?

Although teeth whitening is an elective procedure, it can offer a number of benefits including:

  1. Improved appearance. Your smile is one of your biggest assets and you should maximize its potential. Whiter teeth don’t just make a beautiful smile, but also more pleasing facial features. You will also have less facial wrinkles if you smile frequently.
  2. Confidence boost. Having whiter teeth will make you want to smile all the time. You won’t be afraid to face people, whether they’re your colleagues or acquaintances. You will also have more interest in meeting new people and socializing with them.
  3. Social advantage. First impressions can have a great impact on people, and having white teeth can immediately give you a positive vibe. People will be more inclined to talk to you because of your pleasant appearance and dazzling smile.
  4. Safety and effectiveness. Teeth whitening solutions are known to be completely safe and effective. While different options have different levels of efficiency, they are all safe to use by patients 13 years and above. As long as the instructions are followed properly, there should be no problems in using any teeth whitening products.

teeth whitening in roseville ca

Teeth Whitening Solutions

There are numerous teeth whitening solutions that are available both at home and in-clinic. These are:

Over-the-Counter Gels and Strips

Over-the-counter products can be bought from major drugstores and supermarkets. These gels and strips are used at home in addition to your daily oral hygiene. The instructions are provided in the product packaging.

The effectiveness of these products vary widely depending on the following factors:

  • the brand of the product;
  • the ingredients/composition of the product;
  • the severity of your tooth discoloration;
  • the frequency of use; and,
  • the length of treatment.

When using these products, make sure you follow the instructions closely, especially the amount of product used and length of treatment. Don’t overuse the products because this can cause extreme sensitivity. It is advisable to not use them for more than two months straight and to wait at least four weeks in between treatments.

Whitening Toothpaste and Mouthrinse

Unlike over-the-counter gel products, which have stronger bleaching ingredients, the more limited amount of whitening agents in whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes will have a much more temporary effect. These are great solutions for on-the-spot whitening attempts. However, the results often do not happen as quickly and do not last as long as clinical-grade products.

Dental Trays

Dental trays can be custom-made by dentists or bought over the counter. These trays are filled with a whitening gel and worn over the teeth for a specific period, usually overnight. The effects depend on the type of whitening gel used as well as the fit of the dental tray. If the dental tray does not come in contact with all of the surfaces of all of your teeth, some spots may not get the full or any whitening benefit.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

At Ace Dental in Roseville, we are proud to present our ultimate teeth whitening solution: the Zoom! Teeth Whitening System. This advanced device is designed to provide the best whitening results in the shortest possible time with as little side effect as possible.

zoom teeth whitening rosevilleCompared to over-the-counter solutions, Zoom! Teeth Whitening can make teeth up to four times whiter within a span of one hour. The treatment process is very short, painless, and tolerable for the patient.

During Zoom! Whitening, the patient will be asked to sit in the dental chair. Dr. Sibia will place a rubber dam inside the mouth to protect the gums from the whitening agent. A bleaching solution will be applied onto the surface of the teeth. Afterwards, a special light will be used to activate the ingredients and create a chemical reaction that results in teeth whitening.

After the treatment, the patient can resume normal daily activities. However, it is recommended to avoid smoking, drinking coffee, and eating tooth-staining foods and beverages for the first 24 hours following the appointment. Some sensitivity may be experienced, but this should go away on its own after a few days.

Get the Best Teeth Whitening Solution from Ace Dental in Roseville

At Ace Dental in Roseville, we only provide the best solutions suited for every patient’s individual needs. Whether it’s Zoom! Teeth Whitening or dental trays that you need, our dental team will help you achieve the bright smile that you’ve always wanted.

Just give us a call at (916) 772-0111 or send us a message using our contact page. Our head dentist, Dr. Karanvir Sibia, DDS, will examine your teeth first so that he can determine the best whitening treatment for your tooth discoloration.

You can also drop by our office at 1070 Pleasant Grove Suite 110 Roseville, CA 95678, if you would like to see our portfolio of patients who have gotten teeth whitening. For any other questions, please call us and our dental staff will be happy to assist you.

Boost your confidence with perfectly white teeth!

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