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Periodontal probe, held by dental hygienist, measuring pocket depths around tooth, examining progression of periodontal disease. Dental hygiene, periodontal disease and prevention concept.What are Periodontics?

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the gum tissues. The gums serve as the base that hold the teeth in place and cover the alveolar (jaw) bones. They have a pinkish color and a soft texture. Because the gums are directly connected to the teeth and jaws, it is necessary to keep them healthy if you want to maintain good oral health.

What Happens if You Don’t Take Care of Your Periodontal Health?

Food debris, bacteria, and other foreign substances can get trapped along the gum line, against the crown, forming tartar. Tartar can only be cleaned away by a hygienist or dentist. If not properly treated, the bacteria in the tartar can eat away at enamel and gum.

This gum infection, also known as gum disease, is the major cause of tooth loss in the world. It can be difficult to detect because symptoms may appear only in the later stages. Some symptoms include gums that bleed, swell, and recede. Gum recession is caused by the body’s immune response against the infection, resulting in tissue degeneration.

If infection around the gum tissue is not taken care of, gums can start to recede or come away from the surface of the teeth, creating a pocket where food particles, plaque, tartar and more bacteria will continue to build up, this time alongside the exposed root. Tooth roots are covered in cementum, which is a softer material than tooth enamel. The roots are not as strong as the tooth crowns and are more susceptible to bacterial infection. If tooth roots are exposed, they can easily acquire tooth decay and their structure can weaken.

Over time, the weakened tooth roots and deeply receded gums can cause the entire tooth to loosen, wobble, and fall out. When this happens, it’s very difficult to restore the fallen tooth even if you go to an emergency dentist because the gums are infected. They will need to be cleaned and disinfected first before the tooth can be replaced.

Don’t underestimate the importance of periodontal health!

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Stages of Gum Disease

Like most diseases, gum disease is divided into stages. The earliest stage is gingivitis; the more severe stage is periodontitis.


The first and mildest stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis. It is a very common oral problem that people usually disregard. Gingivitis can be isolated in a single decayed tooth. When the decay worsens, it can infect the gum tissue that is directly holding the tooth.

Most cases of gingivitis are asymptomatic, which is one of the reasons why patients are not able to receive proper treatment for it. However, regular dental exams can lead to an early diagnosis. Dentists recommend patients to get an oral exam every six months for this reason.

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It is estimated that almost all adults around the world have had gingivitis in at least one tooth at some point in their life. Because it is still a mild form of periodontal disease, regular professional cleaning and improved oral hygiene may possibly stop gingivitis from worsening and eventually eradicate it.


If gingivitis is left untreated, the infection can grow and spread to nearby teeth, resulting in periodontitis. In this stage, some apparent symptoms include:

  • Frequent bleeding of the gums, especially while flossing;
  • Swelling, redness, and tenderness of the gums;
  • Gum recession;
  • Tooth sensitivity due to exposed roots; and,
  • Wobbly or loosening teeth

Periodontitis is quite serious and can lead to tooth loss and bone malformation. Once detected, it should be treated right away to keep the teeth from falling out and the gums from losing structure.

How to Maintain Periodontal Health

If you don’t have gum disease, this doesn’t mean you can neglect your periodontal health. Don’t wait for the symptoms to appear! Here are some ways to maintain the health of your gums:

  1. Regular dental cleaning (prophylaxis). Prophylaxis or preventative care is done inside a dental office by either a dentist or dental hygienist. Based on your current dental health, you may be advised to receive prophylaxis once a year or every six months or more.
  2. Proper oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day are still mandatory for good oral health. Even if you receive dental cleaning regularly, your everyday hygiene should still be maintained in between visits.
  3. Regular exams and X-ray imaging. Because gum disease can be asymptomatic, one of the best ways to detect the problem early is through examination. Close observation of the gums as well as X-ray images can help dental professionals diagnose periodontal disease and nip it in the bud.
  4. Lifestyle adjustments. Apart from practicing good oral hygiene, other ways to keep your gums healthy include:
    1. drinking plenty of water;
    2. avoiding too much sweet and sticky foods;
    3. eating crunchy fruits and vegetables; and,
    4. supplementing your diet with calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Getting Preventative Dental Care from Ace Dental in Roseville

At Ace Dental in Roseville, we emphasize the importance of prevention especially when it comes to gum disease. Most cases of gum disease recur within a few years, and repetitive treatments can cost thousands of dollars. This is why we believe that it is both practical and beneficial to prevent gum disease before it can even begin.

If you would like to get preventative dental care from Ace Dental in Roseville, all you have to do is contact us using this online form, or call us at (916) 772-0111. You can also stop by 1070 Pleasant Grove Suite 110 Roseville, CA 95678. Dr. Karanvir Sibia will examine your teeth and gums to see if you need any special periodontal treatment.

If you have already received periodontal treatment, you still need to follow up with us regularly to prevent the recurrence of the disease. Those who have suffered from gum disease in the past have a higher chance of getting it again after a few years, and those who have already had periodontal disease will always have it.

To avoid the trouble of undergoing the same (or possibly more invasive) treatments and doubling your oral health expenses, visit Ace Dental in Roseville every six months.


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