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Digital X-rays

How Digital X-rays Can Improve Your Oral Health

Dentists have used X-rays for years to look for problems that may not be visible, be inside a tooth or be beneath the gum line.

digital-xrayBut if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you may not know about digital X-rays, which have many advantages over traditional X-rays. Digital X-rays are safer than the old X-ray techniques, and because the images are so clear, they help ensure that any problems (or potential problems) with a patient’s oral health are caught early.

But digital X-rays have many other benefits for as well, and that’s why Dr. Karanvir Sibia and the staff at Ace Dental in Roseville use them!

What is a digital X-ray?

X-rays are necessary so the dentist can check the inside of your teeth, in between your teeth, under the gum line, and the jaw bone.

The process for traditional X-rays at the dentist used to mean extra time spent at their office while you waited for the X-rays to be developed. And while you were waiting, you may have been worried about how much radiation your body was absorbing from those dental X-rays.

The digital X-ray process does away with much of this waiting and worrying.

The first part of the digital X-ray process is very much like getting a traditional X-ray. A sensor is inserted into the patient’s mouth. However, with a digital X-ray, this sensor is connected to a computer, with a monitor that displays the results within seconds. This means that you don’t have to sit around waiting for X-rays to be developed.

Digital X-rays also have nearly 80% less radiation than traditional X-ray techniques.

What are the benefits of digital X-rays?

With a digital X-ray, the image is crisp and clean and, if the image is, for some reason, fuzzy, it is very easy to take another one while the patient is sitting right there!). The image is also easy to enlarge and adjust. All of this means that it is very easy for Dr. Sibia to get a good look at the inside of the patient’s teeth and jawbone.

Another advantage of digital X-rays is that they make it easy for Dr. Sibia to show the patient their mouth and point out problems with teeth and explain why a treatment is recommended.

X-rays in digital form also mean it is easy to send them to someone else. They can easily and quickly be emailed to a specialist, another dentist, or an insurance company.

There is yet another benefit to digital X-rays! They are environmentally friendly because no chemicals are needed to develop them, and because they are all stored digitally, there are no patient films piling up that will just be thrown away some day.

When will Dr. Sibia use digital X-rays?

X-rays are an important part of your dental exam and cleaning appointment. X-rays are usually taken every two years unless there’s a problem observed, experienced or suspected.

Dr. Sibia will use digital X-rays to check the health of a patient’s teeth and jawbone. He will also use an intraoral camera — a tiny camera that fits easily into the patient’s mouth. Images from the camera show up on a monitor so that both you, the patient and Dr. Sibia can get a good, close-up look at the teeth.

But of course, the exam also includes some old-fashioned dental techniques as well!

Dr. Sibia will perform a thorough visual exam of teeth and gums. He’ll check for any signs of damage or decay on the teeth. He will also look for any signs of gum disease, such as any pus, bleeding gums, or the gums pulling away from the teeth.

He will check to make sure your bite is properly aligned. Your top and bottom teeth have to align properly when you bite down, or you may experience problems with your jaw or stomach from improperly chewed food.

He will examine your face, neck, and lymph nodes for any abnormalities.

He will perform an oral cancer screening. A dental exam is the perfect chance to have this screening, and early detection of this disease can make a big difference. He will not only do a visual check for any signs of abnormal tissue; he will also use a special ultraviolet light or a similar device that can help him to see any irregularities.

And of course, a very important part of the dental exam is a thorough cleaning of the teeth. The dental hygienist will remove tartar, which is plaque that has hardened on teeth. Special tools will have to be used to remove this since brushing won’t work. Tartar must be removed or other problems can arise, such as gum disease.

Between the digital X-rays, intraoral camera, cleaning, and exam, Dr. Sibia will also be able to tell you how to brush and floss for even better oral health.

You can trust Dr. Sibia and the staff at Ace Dental in Roseville for the best care, using the most up-to-date technology! Call (916) 772-0111 to make an appointment today!


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