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History of Dental Veneers

Veneers are a thin piece of material (usually porcelain) placed over the tooth to improve aesthetics and protect the tooth’s surface from damage. Veneers can also be composite.


The Invention of Dental Veneers

California dentist Charles Pincus invented veneers in 1928. They were created for a film shoot to change the appearance of the actor’s teeth. In 1937, Pincus maybe acrylic veneers with dental adhesive that were temporary.

The Introduction of Etching

In 1959, Dr. Michael Buonocore introduced etching of porcelain veneers to improve bonding. In 1982, research by Simonsen and Calamia found that porcelain veneers could be etched with hydrofluoric acid and the strength of the bond could be stable enough to attach permanently.

Improved Cements and Bonding Agents

Today’s veneers last between 10-30 years, and this is thanks to improved cements and bonding agents. Sometimes veneers need to be replaced because of cracking, chipping, discoloration, or injury to the veneer from grinding or other injury.

Veneers: A New Horizon in Cosmetic Dentistry

Before, the only way to correct dental imperfections was with a dental crown. Now, thanks to the use of porcelain and composite veneers, we have many options to beautify your smile.

Ace Dental: Your One-Stop Source for Cosmetic Dentistry

At Ace Dental in Roseville, we offer porcelain veneers and Lumineers®, a brand of veneers that are thinner, to give you a beautiful smile. Veneers can give you the Hollywood Smile you’ve always dreamed of. Many celebrities today use veneers to fix their crooked or discolored teeth, and some people use even a single veneer to fix a single, discolored tooth.

Call us for a veneers consultation to find out how veneers will work for you. We have payment plans through CareCredit and other financial options.

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