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Dental Sealants

dental sealants in rosevilleWhen Does a Dentist Recommend Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are special materials that are used to cover the grooves of the teeth. These deep grooves are the most commonly decayed parts of the tooth because food and bacteria can get trapped in these tight spaces, causing infection and cavity formation.

Sealants may be made of resin, glass ionomer, and thermoplastic materials, and they are usually white in color. They come in a liquid form which can easily be applied and spread in the tight spaces in and around the tooth.

Who Needs Dental Sealants?

Sealants are for everyone, but they are most commonly given to those who have a high chance of getting tooth decay. Children are the primary recipients of sealants because they fall under this category. Adults who have a family history or genetic predisposition to tooth decay are also advised to get sealants.

Why Do My Kids Need Dental Sealants?

Dentists recommend young kids to get sealants because:

  1. Children are not yet very good with brushing. Their fine motor skills may prohibit them from brushing properly and this can contribute to the possibility of tooth decay.
  2. Children love candies and sweets. Kids love sweet treats and other cavity-causing foods, which only increases their risk of getting cavities especially considering point #1.
  3. Children may not yet understand the importance of oral health. Because of their young age, they may not give proper attention to their oral health and even avoid brushing their teeth. Sometimes, even if we teach them about the importance of good dental hygiene, they don’t pay attention to it.

How are Dental Sealants Applied?

Before sealants can be applied, the tooth must first be cleaned and disinfected. If decay is already present in the tooth, the decayed parts will be trimmed off to ensure that no infection is left. Afterwards, the tooth will be cleaned thoroughly, disinfected, rinsed, and dried using a cotton ball.


Once the tooth is dry, an acid gel will be spread on the surface where the sealant will be applied. This gel roughens the tooth surface and allows better adhesion of the sealant material. The sealant, which is in liquid form, will be slowly painted onto the tooth surface to cover up all of the grooves.

Using a special curing light, the sealant will be hardened until it has completely adhered to the tooth. The dentist will check for any remaining gaps and fill them as well. If gaps are left open, these can still accumulate bacteria and become infected.

The biocompatible materials used for the sealant allow it to stick directly to the natural tooth material, a process known as bonding. This ensures that the sealant will not fall out of the tooth once it is cured. Sealants are also very strong and can withstand the pressure of chewing, biting, and everyday oral activities.

Benefits of Getting Dental Sealants

When your kids have sealants, you are confident that:

  1. Your children will have a lower risk of getting tooth decay. Now that the deep grooves in their teeth are no longer exposed, food and bacteria will not be able to linger in these tight spaces and the risk of tooth decay will decrease significantly.
  2. Your children will not lose their baby teeth too early. Tooth decay can lead to early tooth loss, which can cause dental problems even in adulthood. With the application of sealants, tooth decay is minimized and you will be able to preserve your children’s baby teeth.
  3. You will not have to spend money on unnecessary and invasive dental treatments. If your child develops tooth decay at a young age, this increases his or her chances of also having dental problems in adulthood. This can lead to more complex and expensive treatments, which could have been  prevented with sealants.
  4. Your children’s permanent teeth will erupt properly. Early tooth decay and tooth loss may cause problems with the eruption of permanent teeth, such as malalignment and crowding. If your children’s teeth are protected by sealants, they stand a better chance of remaining healthy and falling out within their natural time frame.

Get Sealants from the Best Pediatric Dentist in Roseville

Apart from teaching your children the importance of good oral hygiene, applying preventive measures, such as sealants will ensure that their teeth remain healthy and cavity-free. However, it is important to choose only the best and most qualified pediatric dentistry professional in Roseville to apply dental sealants to your children’s teeth.

At Ace Dental in Roseville, Dr. Karanvir Sibia have a lot of experience in handling young patients. He is a parent of two young kids, and understands how children feel about dental treatments. Dr. Sibia will make sure that your children will be comfortable during their treatment.

If you would like to get dental sealants for your children’s teeth, please come and visit us at 1070 Pleasant Grove Suite 110 Roseville, CA 95678. You may also call us at (916) 772-0111 or book an appointment with us through this web form. Our friendly staff will assist you with any questions you may have.


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